Investment Management

We work closely with you to design and implement investment strategies to meet your specific financial objectives.  We develop your investment plan only after we have gained a thorough understanding of your circumstances, including your goals, time horizon, cash flow needs, tax situation and more. Your investment plan will address all your specific needs, and will help you manage your wealth for the long term.

We use a time-tested investment management process focused on meeting the clearly defined goals of the financial plan we build for you. We will align your investment portfolio with the overall objectives of your plan. We assess various scenarios for risk and reward, and help ensure that you are protected in the scenarios we choose.

Our advisors build disciplined long-term plans and the team acts as a “manager of investment managers” on your behalf, selecting those investment professionals we feel will provide management most in line with a style of investing that will achieve your plan’s goals. We are not stock pickers, nor will we offer you “hot” investment tips. We believe in allocating your investment dollars over asset classes that are suitable and intended to achieve the highest level of return, while taking the least amount of risk. We continuously monitor economic conditions and their effect on your portfolio, as well as your personal tax situation. Our theory is that “it is time in the market, not market timing.”

When choosing investment managers, we consider their tenure, investment philosophy, rate of return, income tax efficiency, and operating costs. For clients who require an enhanced or specialized level of asset management services, we often recommend that a portion of their assets be managed by independent institutional portfolio managers that we choose for you, based on your stated investment objectives.

We bring professional expertise and experience to managing investment portfolios that achieve the goals of our clients’ financial plans.

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